DUC PHONG TECHNOLOGY AND AUTOMATION CORPORATION(DPTA) was established in 2006, with a team of professionals, engineers, management staff are formally trained, motivated and experienced customers always trust.

DPTA proudly at the forefront of the application of the overall solution, integrated power systems and automation, the application of the latest technology solutions such as SCADA/HMI(APROL Process Control), Power Monitoring System(APROL EnMon)/Condittion Monitoring(APROL CoMon)/Continuous Emissions Monitoring System(CEMS)Advanced Process Control/Machinery automation(mapp)/Batch control(APROL) … for a variety of industries.

Duc Phong company has achieved success in many areas:

– Provide electrical equipment, control, transmission, instrumentation, analysis

– Design and installation of electrical systems Control – measurement transmission automatic observation.

– Consulting, provides technology-driven solutions and network connectivity control stations

– Services maintenance control system ensures continuous operation and no incident

The company shares automation technologies
Duc Phong is a distributor and a trusted partner of the renowned manufacturers such as B&R(br-automation), Innodisk, Redlion, PULS Power, mütec Instruments, EMC, PTglobal, ABB, Axis Communications, Aimetis, D-Link…

With staff, professional engineers, experienced, dedicated to the job, and the company is growing by the day, is the first choice and confidence of the investors. Besides Duc Phong company always researching, developing technical solutions to new technology to serve and provide satisfaction to our customers.

Product and Technical Services:

Automatic equipment firm br-automation (Austria): X20 Controller, Servo drives(Acopos/MultiAcopos) and motors, industrial monitors, inverters(AcopsoInverter), sàety equipment(PULS Power), power protection equipment(Pilz), measuring equipment – control processor, …

Equipment and its automatic PHOENIX CONTACT (Germany): Terminal Block, Relay intermediate, industrial connectors, connector Profibus cable, surge protection devices, signal conversion equipment, AC / DC types,

Electrical equipment company Rittal cabinet table: Table advanced electrical cabinets, industrial, appliances and air conditioner control system cooling electrical cabinets,

Equipment for measuring humidity NDC Infrared Engineering firm (UK): Humidity tobacco, milk, bread, sugar, food

Equipment for liquid analysis of the company HACH (USA): pH, turbidity, chlorine residual / total, suspended solids, TSS, conductivity, salinity, BOD, COD, Phosphase, total nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, dissolved oxygen DO concentrations of aluminum Al

Provide technical consultancy, solution providers, design, programming, construction and installation of integrated systems of automation.

Repair Service, calibration and maintenance of equipment systems.